Future of retail in Africa study - An introduction

The Future of Retail in Africa study provides clarity and a way forward for workers and their representatives in trade unions organising in the retail sector.


Multinational Corporations Database: Find financial, operational and governance information of 91 South African MNCs.


Agreements Database: Find collective agreements, recognition agreements and global framework agreements.


Know how much a percentage increase is an amount of money. Understand the effect of inflation on the wage increase.

Multinational companies Trends Report | 2021

 The 2021 issue of the Multinational Corporations (MNC) Trends Report looks at the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in key sectors of the South African economy, including retail, banking, mining and more.

Negotiate retrenchment: 3 steps unions can take

Trade unions have the power to adopt practical strategies to save jobs, including intervening before a company launches the formal retrenchment process.

Bargaining with multinational companies

Information relating to company revenue, profits and directors’ pay can assist negotiators in securing the wage demands of workers.  Get the pocket guide with the detailed checklist.

Tell them you know how much the boss is earning

The LRS Directors’ Fees Report looks at the remuneration of directors in 78 South African Multinational Corporations and confirms what we’ve always known: that there’s an astronomical gap between the pay of bosses and workers.

Trade unions negotiate the future of work

Know the main process features of the future of work and the words and terms used to talk about it, and the strategies for being more influential in shaping and responding to the future of work.

Financial reporting: Key terms to get you started

What do the terms ‘depreciation’ and ‘amortisation’ mean? What does a non-executive director of a company do? This guide contains some basic financial terms that every union negotiator should know.

How to use the multinational corporations (MNC) database

A step-by-step guide to using the multinational corporations (MNC) database of the Labour Research Service. Track over 80 JSE-listed companies operating in 14 sectors. Find simplified financial information on the company. Monitor and compare profit in the sector. Know how much the CEO was paid.

Financial literacy: A basic guide to company reporting

Expanding your practical knowledge of the financial terms corporate companies use will enable you to read annual reports and corporate documents. There are some basic financial terms that every union member should know when they start to deal with a company and its management. Watch the video to know the terms that will affect your negotiating power.

Success Story: Using a global framework agreement to organise Shoprite workers

2021 Sector Reports

Trade unions organising in multinational companies need financial information to improve their strategies for bargaining, alliance building and campaigns. Access our latest review of the revenue, profits and executive pay of JSE-listed companies operating in 14 sectors.


The nine sampled companies saw on average a 3.81% increase in revenue. Spar reported the biggest increase in revenue, with an increase of 13.52% or ZAR 14 billion.


Revenue increased for most mining companies despite the impact of the covid-19 pandemic. CEO remuneration increased across the sector.


On average, the five companies reviewed reported a 2% decrease in revenue. From 2019 to 2020, the average CEO remuneration went down by just over 17%.


The average total CEO remuneration (plus LTI) increased by 24.2% in 2020. But only Eskom Holdings Limited reported an increase in revenue in our sample of nine companies.


On average, the six companies analysed reported increases in revenue. Healthcare workers have complained about poor renumeration in the sector.

Food & bev

Since 2012, the sample companies have seen a steady upward trend in revenue, with Tiger Brands reporting ZAR 29,8 million in revenue in 2020.


On average, the five reviewed companies reported a 3.2% decrease in revenue in 2020, in what could be termed the worst year of the Covid-19 pandemic.


In 2020, all the companies in our sample reported massive drops in revenue and shed millions of jobs due to the global health crisis.

Financial Reporting: 15 key terms to get you started

We created a video explaining some of the most important financial terms you may find in company reports.  Get your copy of the booklet for easy reference.